written by Ms Khaing Khaing Nyein at 11-Oct-2018

5 must-goes for your stomach in Bagan

Wherever you go, your stomach will growl! Yes. No matter how beautiful the sceneries and how happy you are, your wonderful trip can be ruined just by an awful meal. So here is the savior; the guide to unregrettable restaurants in Bagan.

(1) Tea leaves pizza at La Pizza

This is collaboration of east and west. This amazing pizza consists of freshly hand-made dough done in front of your eye and the leaf of heaven: Tea leaves. The tea leaves are thoroughly marinated with prawns and fish sauce to remove bitter taste and caffeine. After topping with fresh tomatoes, garlics and homemade sauce, the exotic pizza was born in traditional brick oven. So, if you are hungry in Bagan, eat the pizza of all healthy antioxidants at La Pizza in Yar-Khin-Thar street without guilty feeling to your body.

(2) Traditional Myanmar cuisine at Myo Myo’s Oiled Rice

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Right? When you are in Bagan, why don’t you try out Myanmar cuisine in a Bagan King’s style? Even though there are not 300 dishes like a king, Myo Myo restaurant will serve you a plentiful tray of 30 dishes. They cook the real traditional and savory Myanmar cuisines cleanly, freshly and skillfully to match the taste on your buds even if you are not Myanmar. Also, the price is so reasonable and worthy. The dishes include meat, beans and vegetables in style of stew, soup, curry, stir-fried and salad. And last but not least, don’t forget their famous desserts: honey bananas and tamarind – palm- jaggary juice.

(3) Beef-in-palm-juice at Teak House

 Are you a meat lover? Do you like beef steak very much? Well, in western countries, beef- in- red-wine steak is a delicacy. So, I want to introduce you the Bagan version of it; Beef-in-palm-juice. The meat is well marinated in organic palm wine and then it was cooked with palm juice instead of water. The juicy tenderness is surrounded by the fragrance of spices. How is that? Make you hungry? Teak house also serves other enjoyable menus. So, if you want meat in Bagan, try this amazing Beef-in-palm-juice dish.

(4) Puppet show dinner at Nandar restaurant

How about wonderful Myanmar dinner plus breathtaking Myanmar puppet show in one place? If you want to hit two birds with a stone, Nandar is the choice. You can have appetizing traditional dishes or Chinese cuisine in a large sectored-plate while enjoying the most famous puppet show of Bagan. The puppet artist is a talented 90-years old grandpa and he will show you the real essence of Myanmar traditional puppet dance along with full Myanmar traditional orchestra.

 (5) Romantic dinner at Sunset Garden restaurant

If you want a lovely dinner date with your sweet heart in Bagan, the place is Sunset Garden Restaurant. The soothing breeze flying over the AyeYarWady river and the beautiful riverside garden will be the best choice whether it is in a breathtaking sunset or under the warm moonlight. So, enjoy the memorable dinner at Bagan by spending your evening in this lovely restaurant.

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