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Kayin State

Kayin State is one of the beautiful places and is plenty of Natural Beauty, Cave and Waterfall. Kayin State is also known as Karen State and the capital city is Hpa-An. The primry religions practiced in Karen State are Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Its area is 11731 square miles and its population is about 1,057,505. All together with Sagaw Kayins, Po Kayins, Bwe Kayins and Pako Kayins, Shans, Paos, Myanmars, and Mons also live in Kayin State, comprising seven Townships and 410 Quarters. There are many sights to visit in Kayin State. Among them, what the things attract to travelers are the natural cave and beautiful sceneries. The one can explore both the antique style and exposure the beauty of nature.

Mount Zwegabin

Mount Zwekabin is mountain in Myanmar. It is in the region of Karen, in the southern part of the country, 400km south of the capital Naypyitaw. The top of the mountain is 722 meters above sea level. Zwekabin taung is the highest point in the region. Around Mountain, it is quite densely populated, with 155 inhabitants per square kilometer. To get to the top, it will take 2 hours hiking up a massive stairway. From the peak of the mountain, visitor can enjoy the fabulous and breathtaking views of the surrounding area and sunset. The compound will provide a lunch for those who arrive before noon. Lumbini Garden with a thousand Buddha Images at the base of a large mountain is a great place to visit.

Kyauk Kalap

It balances on the peak of a limestone dominating the beautiful manmade lake located near the Mount of Zwegabin in Hpa-An. There is no entrance fee for the time being and just information you should know before you give a vist is that it is closed for monks can peacefully meditate during the lunch time. It is one of the attractions you should not miss when in Kayin State. If you are vegetarian, there are always held alms giving ceremony every day, especially for vegetarian. If you are not vegetarian, do not worry about that. There are also plenty of tea shops and snack sellers around the parking lots area where you will be able to try the traditional Kayin food. You can exposure a picturesque sunset from it and it is a must experiencing.  

Sadan Cave

It is situated about 15 miles from the southern part of Hpa-An. If we would tell about the cave in Kayin State, the cave we should not forget is The Sadan cave. It is two sided mouth in a rectangular shape. It is the longest cave in Kayin State as well as the fifth longest cave in Myanmar Country. Be aware of your step and take the light when you going in this Cave. It is very beautiful scenery from the side of entrance of this cave.

Kaw Ka Thaung Cave

It is situated about 1.26km at the south of Hpa-An and 3.21km at the east of Zwe Ka Bin Mountain. It is a kind of one entrance limestone cave. The entrance is wider than the inside of the cave and there are many pagodas and statue of the Buddha. At the end of cave, the one can pays obeisance to the relics of Arhat. The pagoda festival of the Kaw Ka Thaung is annually held on 2nd and 3rd days of Myanmar’s New Year.

Yathae Pyan Cave

It is situated about 14.48km away from Hpa-An and it is located 50 meters from the foothill. The white concrete stairways lead up to the cave. In the cave, the one can explore not only historical facts but also cultural facts which are unique things from the past to the till the present. It would be one of the famous caves because of many ancient votive tablets and ancient images of the statue of Buddha inside of the natural cave.

How to get there: it is approximately 270km, a six hours drive away from Yangon. It can be possible to access to Hpa-An from Kyaik Hti Yoe Pagoda.


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