Two days and One night trip to Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall and Golden rock

written by Mr Phyo Zaw at 11-Oct-2018

Two days and One night trip to Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall and Golden rock

If you looking for just one day trip or one night trip which includes endless view of green field, 1 hour amazing trekking between trees next to stream, enjoying moment with waterfall, cable experiences over the mountain and famous Myanmar golden rock on top of mountain surrounded by clouds, I would definitely suggest you two days and one night trip to Saung Naing Gyi Water and Golden Rock. I can guarantee for unique experience you can't find anywhere else.

Since I arrange this trip as very relaxing trip, it is the best to leave Yangon around 8 am after you have enough sleep and good breakfast.

How to go

1. Drive yourself or hire Private Vehicle

If you have private car and you know how to drive, I would like to suggest you to go there by private car because the road in good condition to drive 100 km per hour although there are some dangerous turns before you reach to kin pun station and have to take care local motorcycles when you get through in town.

The map for the trip is very simple, go straight down Pyay road or No (3) road and get on to Yangon Mandalay highway until 39 miles and take road side to Payagyi sign board. Then you just have to follow the route path until you reach to kin pun station.

2. Express Bus

If you would like to take public express bus, following are Yangon to Kin pun station (golden rock) bus schedule with win bus and Yoe Yoe lay bus. You can buy tour bus as well with return ticket. Tour bus leaves about 9 pm from Yangon and it returns around 12 pm from Golden rock.

Yangon to Golden Rock bus timetable and schedule

you can book bus at

What to do

After arriving to Kinpun station hotel, I suggest you to go directly to Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall because it is not good idea to stay until late there since you have to get through some villages to reach there and it is about half an hour drive. Road is a bit rough, so I suggest you hire car or motorcycles to reach there. Hiring car is more suitable and it costs around 35000 kyats.

Waterfall entrance fees is 1000 kyats per person and the highest part of the waterfall deeps about 25 meters, water flow is strong in raining season. So be careful with swimming in deep water and I don't suggest for diving.

Where to Stay

There are 2 of my favorite hotels near kin pun station which are Pepper Garden and thuwunna bumi mountain view hotel & resort . But you can find another suitable hotels in kinpun station or you can stay at mountain top hotels as well. You can find hotels at

What else

If you have spare time, there are other attractions on the way to Golden rock

1. Winkabaw Elephant camp

It is at 39 miles of yangon mandalay highway and you can pop in for feed buffet for baby elephants and elephant ride. I am sure you will have fun doing that. For more details.

2. Sein Lei Tin Resort

If you are looking for adventure ride about zip line and others, this is the place you can find activities and zoo. Natural small waterfall can refresh us a lot. Mini zoo is an attraction too.

3.What to bring

If you visit there places in monsoon season, you need to bring sweater, waterproof MAC and camera.

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