Mon State

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Mon State 

Myanmar is divided into seven states and seven regions, formerly called divisions. Mon State is an administrative division of Myanmar. The land area is 12.155 km². Its capital is Mawlamyine. formerly Moulmein. Mon State has a mix of everything that's wonderful and unique about Myanmar: golden temples, a palpable colonial past, charming villages, a mix of different ethnic groups and even some scenic coastline. Travelling in this region is generally easy and the people are friendly, while the distances between key destinations are short.The historic cities and the presence of some of Myanmar's most holy religious sites, relatively few visitors make it down here. Moreover, there’re many Famous Pagoda in Mon State such as Kyaikhtiyo pagoda, Kyaikpawlaw Pagoda, Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, Kyaik Paw Law Pagoda and Kyaikkhami Yele pagoda.

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1.Kyaikhtiyo pagoda

Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is located in the small town called Kyaikhto, in the Mon State.  This pagoda is famous for its “Golden Stone” or "the Golden Rock" . In Mon language the word "Kyaik" means " pagoda" and " yo" " to carry on the hermits head and therefore the name means " the pagoda carried on the hermit's head.

2.Kyaik Paw Law Pagoda
Kyaikpawlaw pagoda image is situated in Kyaikhto. This pagoda is well-known because of the living mole on the face of the Buddha image. The eyes of the image are alive.  The pagoda is said to possess great influence because the image enshrined in it has a mole on its face. Every year, there is a festival held in the name of this Buddha image. 

3.Kyaikthalan pagoda
Kyaikthalan Pagoda is located in Mawlamyine. Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, the biggest tourist attraction and the favourite sunset viewpoint. From the top of the pagoda grounds, an excellent 360 degree panoramic view of the whole of the city can be seen. From this point, Mawlamyine's British built prison strikes you immediately as you look westwards towards the Thanlwin river and the Gulf of Mottama.

4.Kyaikma Yaw pagoda
Kyaik Paw Law Pagoda is situated  in Mawlamyine.Kyaikmayaw pagoda stands for distinctive Image where the sitting position of the Buddha Image differs from others. Kyaikmayaw pagoda was built by the Queen Shin Saw Pu since 1455. Queen Shin Saw Pu was a well-known Queen who devoted and donated gold to the Shwedagon Pagoda. The pagoda festival is usually held annually during the transition of Myanmar New Year in April.

5.Kyaik Khami Yele pagoda
Kyaik-Khami pagoda or Kyaik-Khami Ye Le Paya is located  in the Mon State. Kyaik-kami Ye Le Paya just constructed on the sea using the natural foundation of its ocean reefs, which is connected with the corridor to the beach and always attracts the people for the festival of donations over the sea-tides.

How to go there

By Bus from Yangon (Duration time 6 hours,daily)
By Train from Yangon(Duration Time 9 hours)

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